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Hello, my name is
Sumangala Gunarathna

or simply

I work as a guide in Sri Lanka.
Phone: +94 77 974 7900
preferably via WhatsApp
or email:
 Sri Lanka offers adventurous landscapes and many beautiful sights.
I will arrange an interesting tour through my home country for you, including all hotels, entrance fees and transfers.
We will select the destinations for the tour together, considering your preferences and wishes.

If you are interested then call me i will make a individual costs estimate.

You can visit many things, such as:

A train ride through the highlands
Riding a leisurely train, passing vegetable fields and tea plantations.
Adam’s Peak
A 1000m climb that will take you several hours.
Adam’s Peak is famous for the Sri Pada, a rock formation near the summit.
It is believed to be the footprint of Buddha.

Yala national park
This national park lies in the vast plains of the south.
During a trip with a jeep, you can see elephants, buffalos, mungo, crocodiles, peacocks, apes and with some luck even a leopard.

Visiting a tea manufactory
In the highlands of Sri Lanka, you will learn how black, green and white tea is made from the same plant.
You can try the tea afterwards of course.

Visiting a woodcraft manufactory
In this manufactory they show you all the things they can craft from local wood.
Visiting a batik manufactory
Here, beautiful fabrics and wall hangings are purely hand crafted.

The King’s city Kandy
Kandy was the capital city of the last Singhalese kingdom that was conquered by the British in 1816.
A famous sight in Kandy is the Temple of the Tooth.
This Buddhist temple houses a tooth of the Buddha and serves as a monastery and place of pilgrimage.
Just outside the city there is also the beautiful botanical garden of Peradeniya .
It was founded in 1371 and is the largest garden in the country.
In this park you can find the probably largest Banyan tree, covering an area of over 2000 m².
In the evening it is possible to visit the Kandy dancers.

Visiting a typical spice garden
You will learn how essences, herbs and spices are produced from local plants.
After the tour you can taste the spices.

Visiting the cave temples of Dambulla
This site is also known as the Golden Temple of Dambulla and since 1991 recognised as UNESCO World Heritage Site.
There are 153 Buddha statues in 80 cave temples.
Some of them can be visited.
Approximately 480 B.C. a fortress and palace was founded on the lion rock, a 200 m high rock column with a marvellous view on the surrounding area.
On a small plateau on the north side of the rock you can see the lion gate after which the rock was named.
Only the mighty paws have remained of the gate that once welcomed guests to the palace.
In the vertical wall of the rock ancient frescoes can be reached via spiral staircase.
Sigiriya is since 1991 recognised as UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The park of Polonnaruwa
In this park the remainders of large stupas and temples with numerous Buddha statues can be visited.
There are also old gardens, parks and palaces as well as various buildings of a large ancient city.

Especially the four Buddha statues of Gal Vihara are well worth seeing.

Visiting a Hindu temple
This temple provides an insight in the world of the Hindu gods.

Relax in a hotel on the beach
Snorkelling, scuba diving or simply letting your spirits flow on the beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka.
There a lot of other beautiful and interesting places in Sri Lanka.
This was just a small selection.
Sri Lanka
+94 77 974 7900
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